January 12, 2012

Want to feel fuller while eating less? Use these combinations, try these tricks, eat these foods:

  1. Eat oats or oatmeal for breakfast
  2. Snack on unsalted almonds 
  3. Stock up on greens at the start of a meal
  4. Eating eggs for breakfast will keep your demand of calories low throughout the day, or try hard boiled eggs
  5. Add bananas or berries into your bowl of low-calorie cereal
  6. Consume more raw veggies or add them in a salad
  7. Drink lots and lots of water
  8. Eat an apple before a meal
  9. Pair a piece of fruit with whole-grain bread
  10. Lots and lots of cauliflower 
  11. Yogurt kills cravings
  12. Munch on some raw carrots
  13. Eat some beans, they're digested more slowly than other high protein foods
  14. Pair a grapefruit with a piece of high fiver toast or a bowl of oatmeal
  15. Soup, soup, soup
  16. Pears have a higher fiber and water content than apples!
  17. Air-popped popcorn is a great, low-cal, filling snack
  18. The more water content your food has, the quicker you'll feel full and stop eating! Try pickles, kelp, lettuce, or celery
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