January 5, 2012

Dark circles or puffy bags? Try these at home remedies to fix those eye problems:
  1. Cool chamomile, green, or black tea and then place the tea bag over each eye for fifteen minutes. For extra oomph use a caffeinated tea bag.
  2. Grate a potato placing shreds into gauze to form compress. Place compress over eyes for fifteen to twenty-five minutes then wash. Try placing potato in fridge first to cool.
  3. Pour ice-cold whole milk or cream into a small bowl and soak cotton balls inside, squeeze out slightly and put one over each eye. Replace when they warm up.
  4. Rest two half inch thick cucumber slices on ice to chill, then place one slice over each eye for ten to fifteen minutes. Or dip cotton balls in chilled cucumber juice.
  5. Let oil or heavy duty cream sit for ten to fifteen minutes to plump up your skin.
  6. Apply equal parts tomato and lime juice under your eyes with cotton balls, rinse after about thirty minutes.
  7. Plump up skin with fast-absorbing oil like jojoba.
  8. Massage the area in a gentle circular motion around eyes, moving from your under eyes up past your nose and then back around.
  9. Mix green tea, dissolved honey, and cucumbers and refrigerate. Once cooled place cucumber slices over eyes for up to fifteen minutes. 
  10. To help reduce dark circles eat foods rich in vitamin K, like Broccoli, Asparagus, and Brussels Sprouts.
  11. Beat two egg whites until stiff then apply to under eye area with a brush, let dry for fifteen minutes and rinse. Try adding witch hazel to further reduce swelling.
  12. Crush mint leaves into small pieces and apply to under eye circles for twenty minutes.
  13. Place four metal spoons in ice water when when chilled placed one spoon on each eye, following the contour of your eye socket. As the spoons begin to warm, switched with the chilled ones.

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