December 10, 2012

  1. For insomnia + sleeplessness: rub a little over your eyelids before going to bed. Will bring a feeling of deep relaxation for a peaceful slumber.
  2. Eyelash treatment: can condition eyelashes making them thicker and healthier; simply massage a drop (a little goes a long way) of castor oil on your lashes carefully each night, avoid getting into eyes. Wash off in the morning with a mild facial wash.
  3. Eyelash treatment #2: fill a container with ¼ castor oil, ½ vitamin E oil, and ¼ aloe vera gel. Mix and apply a light layer to lashes every night before bed. After a month you will notice stronger, longer lashes. You can also apply this mixture to your eyebrows.
  4. Eyebrow growth: applying castor oil to your eyebrows will help them grow long and thick. Apply before going to bed to leave on overnight.
  5. Makeup remover: apply to a cotton ball or a q-tip, either 100% or half castor oil and half olive oil, to swipe off make-up easily
  6. Stretch marks: massage into stretch marks and over time old marks will fade.
  7. Reduce cellulite: blend castor oil with grapefruit, lemon, cedar and lavender essential oils and rub the mixture into your skin.
  8. Scars + burns: use to treat cuts and scrapes and prevent scarring, new and old. Soak a soft absorbent cloth with castor oil and lay it on the scar, for very serious scars do this for two hours (if you have the time).
  9. Deep condition hair: massage castor oil into dry have until saturated. Put on a shower cap and sleep with the oil in your hair, when washing out in the morning apply the shampoo before wetting hair.  
  10. Healthy hair + scalp: massage castor oil into the scalp and roots of the hair, regular massage can lead to faster and newer hair growth as well as prevent dry scalp
  11. Darken hair: using castor oil will make your hair just the slightest bit darker by applying oil on your scalp
  12. Grow hair: leave on for thirty minutes and then wash off to grow long, thick, shiny hair and prevent hair loss. You can also add olive oil or coconut oil to the mixture.
  13. Hair loss: rub castor oil onto your scalp and at the roots of your hair, known to regenerate new hair growth within months.
  14. Add shine + reduce frizz: put a teaspoon worth onto a comb and brush it through dry hair. This is especially helpful during dry winter months.
  15. Treat acne: before bedtime, open pores with a warm wash cloth then massage a small amount of castor oil into your skin and leave overnight.
  16. Deep treatment for acne: fill your bathroom sink or bowl with hot water, drape a towel over your head and allow the steam to penetrate your pores for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply a small amount of castor oil to skin and leave overnight.
  17. Moisturize skin: massage castor in circular motions after washing your face, will hydrate without clogging your pores. Can also use to moisturize your lips.
  18. Moisturize feet: you can slather castor oil onto dry heals and feet to help moisturize them.  
  19. Fast acting laxative: mix castor oil with orange juice or other juice directly before consuming and do not use at bedtime, as it works faster than other laxatives.
  20. Intestinal cleanse: when ingested castor oil acts as a laxative that cleans out not only the lower but also the upper intestine, the expelling of this waste can allow a person to drop a few superficial pounds in a hurry and can help kick off a healthy diet and weight loss plan. Measure 2 oz. of castor oil (measure carefully as ingesting too much can induce vomiting and severe stomach cramps) and mix with 8 oz of fresh fruit juice (100% fruit juice, not juice cocktail or from concentrate). Drink the mixture and allow five hours to take effect, repeat once daily for up to five days only to clean out your intestinal tract. Decrease usage to once a month for digestive maintenance.
  21. Mole and wart removal: cleanse location of mole and dry, put castor oil on the mole with a cotton swab and cover with band-aid. Repeat this procedure twice a day (in the morning and before bedtime) for one month. Or you can also apply a hot towel onto the mole for a minute, apply the castor oil and then reapply the hot towel for another minute. You can try doing this for about ten minutes two to three times a day.
  22. Wrinkles + under eyes: rub in a small amount around your eyes and onto face before bed. Done daily this will prevent wrinkles and keep skin youthful and plump. Castor oil is an ingredient in several anti-ageing, under eye, and wrinkle creams.
  23. Liver detox: apply to abdomen and place heating pad or hot towel on top for two hours, one to seven times a week. The castor oil stimulates both phases of liver detoxification and helps liver function.
  24. Pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification: the main component of castor oil produces significant pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects and is easily transmitted through the skins surface and into lymphatic circulation supporting detoxification pathways in the body.  To do this make a castor oil pack! Fold a flannel two to three times over your abdomen, especially covering the upper right side. Saturate the flannel with castor oil, put in a glass dish and place in the oven until warm to the touch. Lie on top of one towel (to prevent staining) and place the flannel on abdomen. Cover it with plastic and another towel and place a hot water bottle or a heating pad on top. Keep covered with a sheet and blanket to stay warm. Leave the pack in place for 45 to 60 minutes. 
and some tips for use...
  •  To remove castor oil from skin use a solution of 1 tsp or baking soda with 1 pint of water
  • When sleeping with castor oil on face or hair best to wrap up hair or sleep on a towel as stains from castor oil are almost impossible to remove.
  • When placing castor oil onto face try mixing 1 part castor oil with 2 parts grapeseed oil or jojoba oil for cleansing and moisture.
  • When applying castor oil to hair: castor oil is very thick and viscous so if you have fine or weak hair you should mix castor oil with a lighter oil so it will be easier to wash out later. Olive oil and coconut oil are your best bets. Try 1 oz castor oil and 2 oz coconut oil. To wash out best to apply shampoo to dry hair first 

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