January 26, 2012

Going for a run? Planning on working out? Don't forget to eat! Food remaining in your stomach during a workout may cause nausea and cramping, eat something small and easy digestible at least twenty to thirty minutes before your go. If you're eating a something larger than a snack, leave yourself two hours to digest. Remember sleep is dehydrating and you need fluid for your muscles to work properly and help your breakfast get absorbed, without hydration your breakfast may leave you with a cramp on your workout. 

  1. Carbs are the primary source of energy you burn during a run, they provide the fuel you need to run long distances
  2. Eat a combination of carbs and protein, like a slice of whole-wheat toast and low-fat cheese, or a small bagel with peanut (or almond) butter
  3. Eating a 100 to 300 calorie snack before your morning run can give you energy and staying power
  4. Bananas: a carb-packed, energy booster they also contain potassium which regulates blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke, and is known to prevent cramping
  5. Berries: the potassium and vitamin C in berries help the body repair itself after the pounding from high-impact activities 
  6. Avoid slow to digest fatty and high fiber foods, to help prevent cramping
  7. Honey: a perfect pre-run supplement, it gives runners a nice combination of quick and slow absorption carbohydrates for sustained energy during exercise - add some in your water or tea
  8. Oranges: high in water content, they will help to keep you hydrated and it has been found that hey increase fat burn during exercise
  9. Almonds: full of vitamin E, almonds can help stave off post-workout soreness
  10. Eggs: a great of protein, eggs provide energy and helps to repair tissue damaged during and after training
  11. Leafy greens: in in levels of vitamin K, leafy greens like spinach and kale, aids with the production of proteins essential for bone health
  12. Quinoa: Quinoa is a complete protein containing 8 muscle mending amino-acids to help your body bounce back after a workout 
  13. Sweet Potatoes: provide sustained energy, keeping you going for the long haul 
  14. Coconut water: rich in potassium it helps to prevent cramping
  15. Tart Cherry Juice: helps to reduce inflammation

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